• TypeScript
  • Python
  • Scala
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Terraform


  • GCP
  • Kafka
  • Airflow
  • Node.js / Deno
  • Spark
  • GraphQL

Fey September 2021 — April 2023

Senior Software Engineer
  • Fully designed and implemented the backend for the Research part of the app, which involved both streaming and batch data
  • Reverse-engineered the Robinhood API to integrate trading and real-time syncing. This unlocked a huge pool of customers
  • Enabled revenue by building user account subscriptions with the Stripe API
  • Owned large parts of the app as part of a small remote startup, where shipping fast and being able to pivot is important

Hopper November 2020 — August 2021

Senior Software Engineer - Travel Platform
  • Led the GCP migration of high-traffic big data distributed systems, such as price forecasting and user tracking, with zero production downtime
  • Slashed payment processing costs by up to 10% via smarter payment routing strategies

Hopper August 2018 — November 2020

Software Engineer - Data Platform
  • Democratized ETL across engineering and data science through reusable and performant data processing jobs (Spark, Bigtable, BigQuery)
  • Drastically grew data-driven decision making by integrating realtime user events into Amplitude for self-serve analytics
  • Improved data reliability by co-developing a type-safe, idempotent, and scalable tracking events system. Presented demos, documentation, and gathered feedback to increase adoption

NerdWallet May 2017 — December 2017

Data Engineer Intern

Symantec September 2016 — December 2016

Software Engineer Intern

Public Safety Canada January 2016 — April 2016

Software Engineer Intern

Evertz Microsystems May 2015 — August 2015

Software Engineer Intern

University of Waterloo September 2014 — June 2018

Bachelor of Computer Science Co-op, Honours